R.S.M.L (Rote Sensory Memory Learning) is the proprietary curriculum that is used exclusively at Math and Science Clubs of America.  Rote learning is an educational tool that has its roots in repetition, supported by a yoga (focus) sensory based practice.  The Math and Science Clubs augmentation of the rote learning practices,  coupled with an integration of sensory memory applications, have allowed us to develop a learning process for young minds that will challenge them beyond their comfort levels.  You will notice how your child will begin to analyze, rationalize and dissect various concepts, practices and  methodologies.  These clubs are designed to help mentor "Out of the Box" thinkers.  Our young students are the ones that will leave their mark upon history. The ones who dare to ask why,  are the ones who will take wings and soar within our program.  

How Did That Happened?

What does spiderman have in common with our web creating friends....Well Science says, the rare ability for some spiders to outwit larger prey like the Gnaphosids—better known as ground spiders—They don't spin typical spider webs. Instead, they catch prey, even those much larger than themselves, by shooting sticky silk to immobilize them

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Solve That Puzzle

Competition can be fun and challenging.  This toy was created to help with 3D geometry.  If you turned Rubik's Cube once every second it would take you 1400 TRILLION YEARS to finish to go through all the configurations.

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To Infinity & Beyond

Math & Science are fun, exciting and entertaining.  You'll have fun on our exploration field trips

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Hands  On  Education

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Advanced Tehnology

Can you imagine a world in which drones do everything for us.  A drone is a UAV but do you know what it stands for?  UAV is an acronym for "unmanned aerial vehicle," which is an aircraft that doesn't have a human pilot. Instead, it is remotely flown by a skilled operator or by autonomous flight technology.  Soap Box derby's to drone technology will be some of our exciting sessions

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Developing Strategy

Giant pieces.  Defying logic and balance.  Come experience strategic thinking coupled with hands on fun

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Math in Action

Say What...for sure you will get a chance to build and launch your own rocket.  Let's calculate the trajectory of our model.  All about math.

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