Preparing  For Tomorrow

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About Us

Math and Science Clubs of America is a hands on S.T.E.M based educational club.  Our futuristic approach to learning is centered around the development of Math, Reading and Science skills, for students ages 4-12. Our primary focus is to show the students how every aspect of life in some way is affiliated with Math, Reading and/or Science. We explore the relationship these subjects have with Video Gaming, Banking, Lego-Architecture, Space Exploration, Rocket Building, Drone Technology, Chess Strategy, Puppetry,  and so much more.  Our club fosters a one hour weekly meeting, 6 annual museum or topic related field trips, as well as various competitive activities.   Our group sizes are extremely small (10-12 children, age and ability focused).  


Group I       (PARTICLES)   

Group II      (ATOMS) 


All three club level students demonstrate an excellence that will go beyond the walls of the normal class room setting in math, reading and science. Our instructors do not take for granted that they may be influencing the next Pulitzer Prize winner in math and/or science.

Math and Science Clubs of America promotes the  strengthening of  the Math, Reading and Science curriculum being taught in the classroom. Our GOAL is to prepare, guide and support your student to the next sphere of learning and understanding that will make him/her competitive in today’s international educational market; ranking them among students from the top 10 countries in math, reading and science education, (Singapore, Hong Kong, South Korea, Taiwan, Japan, Finland, Estonia, Switzerland, Netherlands and Canada).

Listening, Discussing, Experimenting, Field Trips, Service Projects, and Competitions, are all a part of our proprietary Repetitive Memory curriculum.  DEVELOPING OUT OF THE BOX THINKERS THAT WILL LEAVE THEIR MARKS ON HISTORY.